The life-changing beauty habits of real women

The life-changing beauty habits of real women

Admit it – you’ve been the first one in line to buy a new product that’s been splattered everywhere. You buy it with hopes that it will perform a miracle. That it will clear your skin and leave you with a flawless glowing complexion. I am dying to know the latest beauty habits that will have me feeling comfortable in my own skin. That’s why I shoot to the nearest Boots to find the latest foundation that promises to hide my flaws, without taking a moment to understand my skin. 

So when Reddit user, sensual-toes, asked: “what beauty habit/tip really upped your attractiveness level?” I couldn’t wait to find new skincare products and makeup to add to my overflowing collection. 

But underneath the full-coverage makeup, fancy clothes and petite accessories is something much more valuable to these women. 

Instead, these ladies focused on the one beauty trend you can’t buy. From the 1.6k replies and comments, these women discussed the importance of self-love, whilst representing feminism every step of the way. 

Learn what suits your body shape

I’m guilty of it. I buy clothes and makeup products that I will eventually wear. But they usually end up deep in the back of my wardrobe, half-way to Narnia. CinemaFreakRed suggested, “Buy things for the real you, not fantasy you”.

We waste our money on items that we buy on a whim without knowing if we actually like it. Maybe you fell in love with a dress but it feels uncomfortable. You buy it anyway, thinking I will fit into it one day. Then one day comes and you’re shoving the dress into a black bin bag ready to donate. 

Accentuate your best features

Have you ever wondered how one beauty trend works for others but it makes you look like Sloth from The Goonies? Erin_CC had a breakthrough when she commented, “Realising that I liked winged eyeliner, but it doesn’t look good on me”. 

Other women agreed and expressed how it led them to embrace other aspects of their beauty. Erin_CC continued to explain how she began focusing on her eyebrows. She taught herself how to shape and style them to make herself feel beautiful without needing to follow popular beauty trends.

Handle your happiness

As social media has quickly left girls feeling unhappy with their bodies and the way they look. Many users decided to delete the platforms to help themselves be confident with their looks. Celicia18l unfollowed models and celebrities to help ease self-esteem. She said,

“Experience has taught me that everyone has crap in their closet, we just chose to shut the door when company comes over”.

Create body confidence

Walking into a room with perfect posture and engaging eye contact was enough to help women rid themselves of their body confidence issues. Verm33R advised women to hold awkward eye contact with strangers. It helped her appear confident and friendly. 

Whilst standing up straight allowed others to feel beautiful with male contributors strongly agreeing. Kanuckchuck said, “walking tall and with purpose is attractive as hell”. Whilst another said, “Can confirm that a woman with a good posture is much more attractive than one with a bad posture”. 

As more women share the beauty habits that teach them to be confident and feel beautiful. We can begin to support each other as we all learn how we can become confident in our own skin. 

What makes you feel beautiful? Do you have your own beauty habits? Or do you already follow the habits of these women?

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